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Proper care and cleaning of your new Nutek Forged wheels

Proper care and maintenance of your new wheels is important and will ensure that the finish on the wheels will last for many years.

What Nutek recommends:

*Never use chemical cleaners of any kind! Over the years we have discovered that virtually “ALL” chemical wheel cleaners can cause damage to the finish on the wheel. Nutek discourages the use of any chemical wheel cleaners. More importantly, the use of such cleaners specifically voids the finish portion of your warranty.

*Never clean your wheels when they are hot. Always allow them to cool off after driving.

*Never allow an excessive buildup of brake dust and road grime to accumulate on any surface of your wheel. A prolonged buildup of brake dust and dirt can adversely affect the wheel’s finish. The combination of the caustic substances found in brake pad dust and hot metal filings produced by braking is sufficient to etch the surface of the wheel’s finished surfaces if left unchecked for a prolonged period of time. Waxing your wheels periodically will create a “sacrificial” surface that will act as a barrier and protect against many caustic or acidic by products and brake pad metal filings by providing added protection to your wheel’s finished surfaces.

*When cleaning your wheels, use warm water and a mild detergent that is designed for use on automotive finishes only.

For more information on proper care of your car’s wheels, go to CarCleaning.com.

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