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Nutek Legacy
Back in the “good ole days” when most wheels were Made in the USA, and folks in the industry all knew each other on a first name basis, it was not unusual to find that the founders of many well known wheel companies were involved in some form of racing or high performance motorsport. In fact, many of these early pioneers in the industry put their names on the companies they founded, and subsequently became synonymous with their company or its products. Names like Edelbrock, Shelby, Roush, and others come to mind. A few of these pioneers however, chose to remain quietly hidden from view, and focused mainly on product quality and technical innovation as a way to build the image and reputation of their company. One such individual was the founder of HRE Performance, Gene Howald. In fact, in the early years, HRE was actually known as Howald Racing Enterprises, and it wasn’t until later that Howald dropped his name from the company name, and shortened it to simply HRE Performance Wheels. Even today, the company is better known as simply HRE.
Howald holds 7 patents for various technical elements related to wheel design and manufacturing. These patents are incorporated in Nutek Wheels. With that in mind, Nutek Wheels was set up to manufacture the highest quality, most technically advanced wheels offered on the market.

Nutek Future

October 30, 2013 Nutek Wheels began its transition from being a good company that produces a good product to a great company that produces a great product: Nutek Wheels was purchased by Anthony Thompson with this thought in mind. Quality, Delivery and Continuous Improvement has always been in Anthony’s DNA as evidenced in his 17 year Power Transmission and Aerospace career with Rexnord Industries. Anthony’s Manufacturing Engineering background and passion for winning has always fueled him and continues to be his foundation. After a long successful career, Anthony decided to pursue his dream of creating and building a company that could add value to his automotive passion.

Anthony’s automotive background began early in Chicago where he drew, restored and resold many muscle cars. Anthony’s passion for continuous improvement didn’t end there. He moved to Southern California in 2007 where he continued his passion building Hot Rod and Muscle Cars. His biggest accomplishment was his candidate for Muscle Car of the year in the “Black Mamba” a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback that is featured in Rides magazine February 2014 edition. Nutek’s brand will continue to blossom with pushing the envelope on new finishes, designs and lightweight Aerospace technologies that Anthony has helped develop.

Nutek Wheels are visibly superior to all others in the marketplace, due to the precision manufacturing processes carried out in Nutek’s facilities in Southern California. When coupled with Anthony’s commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of the product line, Nutek Wheels stand well above the typical multi-piece wheel being offered in the market today. That commitment to quality is apparent when you open every box and see the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every set of Nutek Wheels.

That is why today, Nutek is recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing extremely high quality wheels. Each product is carefully crafted from the highest grade materials, using every technological advancement in both engineering and production techniques. Nutek is constantly pushing itself to find new and better methods to improve its products and remain at the forefront of high tech “custom wheel” craftsmanship. In a phrase, “Nutek builds jewelry for your car that is both functional and elegant”.

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